By Paula @ Holiday World

“Beware the ides of March!” We all remember that quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, right? (Vaguely, anyway …) Turns out “ides” is a term for mid-month, usually the 15th. I guess this is our none-too-subtle way of reminding you that Happy Halloween Weekends are dwindling down to just two and a half more weekends.

Thanks for the #tbt, WHSH! (Those call letters create a dandy onomatopoeia -whoosh!)

Along with the rest of the park, Thunderbird is open just five more days this season: this weekend, next weekend plus Halloween, October 31. Beware!


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One Response to “The Ides of October”

  1. michelle

    I love the Halloween Weekends at Holiday World. It was such a good idea to start having these every year!