By Paula @ Holiday World

Once again, our Graveyard Smash cast is killin’ it on stage.

Our singing/dancing zombies deserve a little fun, too, don’t you think?

Maybe a little thrill … er?

We thought so, too.

Last Saturday, before the park opened for the day …

Zombies on Thunderbird

… our ghosts and ghouls (and some clown) went out to launch together.

Graveyard Smash cast rides ThunderbirdIt was quite an experience for our dancing undead.

After “riding” Thunderbird, our Ghost, Ms. Dracula, and an ever-so-stylish Witch declared they were in immediate need of a long, long nap in a very dark, cool place.

One of them even started coffin, but – no worries – it was just their zombie sense of humor.

Witchie-poo’s cryptic comment: I may just give my broom the brush-off after that ride!

We advised her not to fly off the handle.

She asked about riding again, after dark.

When the moon is full.

We just asked her to be sure to turn off the light’s witch after she’s done. (Sorry. We’re done, too. Well, almost.)

After this fun photo shoot, we invited the cast to actually ride Thunderbird – removing all loose items and storing them on a shelf beforehand, of course.

It was quite an undertaking …

Graveyard Smash Not Your Average Loose Items

Graveyard Smash will be on stage as part of our Happy Halloween Weekends this Saturday and Sunday, next weekend, plus Halloween – October 31. Scare up some time to bring your family – and make some BOOtiful memories with us!



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