By Paula @ Holiday World

Boy-oh-boy, have we heard that question a lot this fall!

In 2016, we celebrate our 70th birthday. Pretty amazing to think we’ve been around that long – ever since Louis J. Koch (Lauren and Leah’s great-grandpa) decided it was time for Santa to have his own park here in the town that was named for him.

During the “off season,” we perform a tremendous amount of maintenance on our rides. Walk through the park this time of year and the rides are quite skeletal in appearance.

For example, HallowSwings was stripped down to its bare bones last month.


Tarp Lifted Off HallowSwings

Even the smiling skulls will get a new coat of paint.

HallowSwings' Skeletons and Pumpkins

It should come as no surprise that our wooden roller coasters receive loads of TLC during the colder months.

The trains receive the full spa treatment.

Zach working on Legend car

And the track? We’ll, let’s just say that all three wooden coasters – Raven, Legend and Voyage – will be extra exciting to ride in the spring.

Because our Coaster Cats have an “in” with Santa. (The man in red loves riding coasters.) So we caught their plans on camera for you.

Coaster Cats working on Voyage

Let’s start off with a video greeting from Matt, Lauren and Leah … and be sure to keep watching, as our Cats work on their wish list for 2016.

We’ll be back in January with details. What do you think we’re up to? (Please post your comments below.)


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45 Responses to “‘What’s new for 2016?’”

  1. Emma Armstrong

    I think you are building a new wooden coaster or redoing some track on the Legend, Raven, and or Voyage .

  2. Nick Shank

    This is exciting sounding! I noticed that they were standing on the 90 degree banked turn and that he was standing in front of the blueprint for The Legend. I’m thinking Legend is getting the new element and the 90 – degree gets the tunnel. That undoubtedly means I’m wrong because Paula would never make it this easy.

  3. Carlos

    Would LOVE to come see the park right now and just walk around and perhaps get an additional hint.

  4. John P.

    I would love to see a new thrill Flat ride (Disk-O or frisbee (KMG afterburner) ) and a shaded garden-like park-setting around it for guests to get off the midway and rest

  5. Daniel

    I think they’re throwing in a corkscrew, or overbanked turn, on the far turn of the Legend.

  6. Tyler G

    Exciting! Thanks for another amazing year. Looking forward to 2016! Merry Christmas Paula and the rest of the wonderful people who make the park what it is.

  7. Cameron W

    My guess is a retrack for Raven and Voyage, and a Gravity Group redo of Legend, with Timberliners, retrack, new effects, and maybe an inversion?

    However, we all know RMC could have some great fun with Legend. Just imagine the possibilities!

    But knowing you guys, you’ll still make it a great addition/change/whatever it is for everyone. Can’t wait for January! 🙂

  8. Anita Fox

    The Coaster Cats need more screen time. They make the Holiday World go round and round.

  9. HolidayWorldFTW

    An inversion added to one of the woodies maybe? Topper track maybe? Wow, I thought you guys said no big announcements for 2016 but giving lots of TLC to the three woodies of this magnitude is a pretty big announcement if you ask me! You guys never cease to amazing and please me!

  10. Kevin Klosowski

    Great teaser video! Paula always does an amazing job creating excitement and building suspense for Holiday World’s new ride/improvement announcements every year. Can’t wait for this year’s announcement!

    And just a little fun trivia: Lauren & Leah’s great-grandpa, Jim Yellig, was one of the Santas that appeared at “Santa Claus Town,” a themed attraction that opened in 1935. He would later appear as Santa at their other great-grandpa Louis J Koch’s Santa Claus Land attraction when it opened in 1946.

  11. Austin

    Why is the legend closed for the remainder of 2015. Cause the last time i went there was a sign that said it was closed for the remainder of the year.


    sorry for the double post, but after reading through the comments… is a wooden coaster inversion even possible? also they said new coaster name, so it’s probably a new wooden coaster

    • Cameron W

      Yes, it has been done quite a few times before. See Hades 360, Outlaw Run, a few of the Jungle Trailblazers in China have one, just to name a few.

  13. Theresa

    One of the woodies has to be getting the “RMC treatment” (inversions like in Twisted Colosus at Six Flags)! Would be awesome to see some inversions added to at least one of them. (Of course, I suppose if it’s The Voyage, Gravity Group will come in and add the inversions…)

    • Greg M

      It’s not possible for 2016- RMC is already booked for the year and they announced all their projects beforehand- if they were rebuilding the Legend they would have started a while back. I believe it’ll be a retracting and retheming with potential adding of new elements such as a barrel roll

  14. ConBossMMM

    I’m the ghost of Xmas future…. And I really want to know what it is, LOOK AT MY DATE!!!! So anticipated! 😀

  15. ray2002.

    I LOVE the Splashing Safari and its been a while since the mammoth with the sparkler and the thunderbird, so in my case i hope theres a plot twist and a new water ride?

  16. Jairen

    You should make a new waterside.
    I’m not really a big fan of rollercoasters.
    You haven’t made a new waterslide in forever. Something like the jungle racers.

  17. Rachael Wooldridge

    Have you guys ever thought of putting a Ferris wheel in (or the banshee)?

  18. Emilee

    I dont think that they is any new coaster. I think that there is just an update coming

  19. Julie

    A bigger log flume would be nice. Similar to Splash Mountain or Timber Mountain log ride. We love these type of rides!

  20. Emilee

    i think that there is just going to be some new things added to the coasters,Btw I am never riding the Thunderbird. LOL

  21. Tony

    So there is no NEW ride this year? Its really confusing me, Our school goes on the last thursday of may and i was hoping for a new one.

  22. Will

    I would love to see a Chance Hyper/Giga/Hyper GT-X. Only one Hyper GT-X has been built and it was a major hit. I would suggest a Intamin Mega-Lite, but after a certain Shoot-the-Chute I’d say thats unlikely.