By Paula @ Holiday World

Have you ever been so excited about Santa’s annual visit – and been so sure that you’re on the Good Boys & Girls List that you made special preparations for that certain something at the top of your list?

That’s exactly what our Coaster Cats did.

After texting their list to Santa early last month, they brought in a very tall crane and …


… removed the track (all eight layers!) from several sections of one of our coasters.

Happily, Santa delivered:

Any guesses about what we’re up to? Post your thoughts below.

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10 Responses to “Was Santa good to you?”

  1. Jonathan

    I’m guessing that you’re adding steel topper track from Rocky Mountain Construction. You’re not going to be doing any radical changes like adding loops and giving the coaster the IBox treatment or else you would have announced it back in August. Congratulations on smoothing out one of your woodies!

  2. Ivy

    I’m guessing you are doing something to the Legend since it was closed August-October

  3. Shawn

    I think you guys are removing track and replacing it with the new stuff found on Six Flags coasters.

  4. Ryan

    I think you guys are putting new track on that is compatible with new trains and you are redoing the tunnel at the bottom of the first drop

  5. Timothy

    cool you guys are using RMC to make the track smoother thank you now i well be able to enjoy with out a head ake this year form all the jerking thanks 🙂

  6. Cameron W

    Who says it has to be RMC?

    I think Gravity Group is coming in and will retrack most, if not all wooden coasters, and renovate Legend to have a barrel roll drop. The renovation would also include the tunnel.

  7. Timothy

    you are all wrong they added some new air time hills in a new tunnel by fright full falls