By Paula @ Holiday World

Watching the work on The Legend‘s track makes me think of boot camp, where the emphasis is to build you up, but only after first breaking you down. (I don’t have personal experience in the military, but Semper Fi to my baby brother!)

And so, today we show you the first step in the re-tracking project we have planned for The Legend.

Let’s start with out with the old:

What else is going on this season? Learn more by tuning in to our new podcast, which premieres this Friday.

Holiday World Podcast

We believe we’ll be the first park to host its own podcast … does anyone know otherwise?

Either way, we want to be sure to include time to answer your questions. Please post your questions on Twitter or Facebook, using this hashtag: #HoWoPo or simply add a comment to this HoliBlog post.

Eleven weeks till Opening Day. And we’ll be ready!

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3 Responses to “Coaster boot camp”

  1. Richard

    Hello, LOVE your Park. When will we see a replacement for Pilgrims Plunge/Giraffica? You must have something in mind, seeing as how you only took the life and drop down?