By Paula @ Holiday World

^ Been hearing that phrase a lot lately. (Thanks for tuning in!)

Until I realized I was being obnoxious and stopped, I had corrected several “viewers” to remind them that a podcast is audio only. (In a nutshell, our podcast is an online on-demand talk radio show.)

Then Stephen came up with the idea to create a highlights reel – including video.

Here ’tis:

Thanks for watching! We’ll be back this coming Friday with Episode 002 – with guest VP James, the host of our Hard Hat Chronicles video series. Head over to our HoliSounds page to subscribe (we’re on iTunes, Stitcher, and a few others) and while you’re there, check out the downloadable ringtones, Thunderbird Theme, and other tunes – and help yourself!

Do you have any questions about “The Legend reborn” project for James? If so, please add them as comments below or post them on social media, using the #HoWoPo hashtag.

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7 Responses to ““I watched your podcast””

  1. Chad

    You HAVE to keep the howl at the top of The Legend. That’s what I do with my kids every time we ride.

  2. Doug

    Is the work being done on the legend this off season supposed to make it a much smoother ride?

  3. Timothy

    i still can’t wait for the legend to open this year its sounding great guys 🙂 i hope it well be ready this summer

  4. Zach Shine

    What are you doing to make the 4 corners of death the 4 corners of fun? Are you planning on banking the turns more or anything of that sort?

  5. Dave Fraser

    1. With the hefty amount of structure/track removed from the first drop and run out beyond that, will the re-build be precisely the same as the original in profile, etc, or perhaps a bit different? Can you share specifics about anything there?
    2. I’m having a hard time envisioning the double-down where it’s going in. Is it going to be a more pronounced, or a more subtle double-down? Can we see pics of the progress? /NERRRRRD
    3. Paula Werne is awesome. (rhetorical statement) 😉
    4. Congrats, and nice job on the podcast to all involved!

  6. Landon

    You Should really keep the howl at the top of The Legend! It makes it 10 times better! 🙂