By Paula @ Holiday World

As part of our 70th Birthday Season, we’re going to create … a Memories Mosaic.

Santa Claus A gigantic mosaic of photos taken in the park over the past seven decades.

And that’s where you come in – would you like your family photos from Santa Claus Land, Holiday World, and Splashin’ Safari to be included?

We sure hope so – because we need about 7,000 photos to fill the space we have picked out. (For more particulars, listen to Episode 2 of the Holiday World Podcast.)

To send us your photos, please first read the following:

  • These photos will be used to create a giant mosaic, to be located in Holiday World’s 70th Birthday Plaza, plus a video which will be shared via social media
  • To grant us permission to use your photos, please post them on on our Facebook page, using the #HoWoPho hashtag (please be sure to use the hashtag, as that’s what indicates to us we can use your photos); we also have a Santa Claus Land Facebook page
  • You can also post your photos on Google+ and Instagram using our #HoWoPho hashtag
  • You’re also welcome to tweet us your photo(s), again using the #HoWoPho hashtag (our handle is @HolidayWorld … we also have @SplashinSafari and @SantaClausLand twitter accounts)
  • If your accounts on Twitter and/or Instagram are locked in private mode, we won’t be able to find your photos, so please send them to us another way
  • We’ve also created a #HoWoPho Pinterest Board for our followers to use
  • Do you have decades worth of park photos you’d like to share? Email us ( and we’ll set up an easy way to transfer batches of photos
  • Please remember to tag us (no matter where you post your photos) with #HoWoPho to give us your permission to use your photos (we’ll also accept #HoWoFo if you’re like me and prefer hashtags with an even number of letters)

How soon do we need these 7,000 photos from 70 years? Our crowdsource deadline is March 11.

Thanks in advance for all the fun we’re going to have looking through all these wonderful photos! Any questions? Please post them below.

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11 Responses to “Crowdsourcing memories”

  1. Timothy Nicoson

    i sure would have loved to have seen that back then but that was well before i was born i was not around tell 1989 so its like well dang but hey happy birthday holiday world i been fun every year 🙂

  2. Mandy

    We loved Holiday World but haven’t been in years. Praying that we can take our 3 kids for a much needed vacation.

  3. Joan Lampert

    I remember the opening of Santa Claus Land and worked there in the dining room. Amazing venue now!! We have pictures of our children there: wonderful memories!

  4. Peggy Meyer

    How do you submit photos on Facebook using #HoWoPho? I HAVE 2 PHOTOS , ONE BACK IN 1974 WITH SANTA & THE OTHER ONE WITH Happy Kellams in 1976, among resent ones in my phones gallery . Can I mail them to you?