By Paula @ Holiday World

Wow, those two weeks went by fast!

We recorded Podcast Episode 2 this morning, with guest VP James providing us with a Legend update, including a description of the new “double down” element.

Legend's new Double Down

Want to know even more about the double down? Be sure to listen!

And here are three photos that will make no sense until you … listen to the podcast.

Here’s the first (mentioned during our “70 Degrees of Separation” game):

Attractions Director in the Maury audience

And these two are connected to the #NerdConference that Leah and VP Eric attended last week:

Barnaby at the Nerd Conference VP Eric & Barnaby

Ready to listen? Just click below (and be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss a single episode!).

Please remember to send us some photos for our Memories Mosaic so your family can be a part of our 70th Birthday celebration!

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2 Responses to “Podcast: The one with the crowdsourcing”

  1. Alex Sabatka

    Loving the podcast so far. Will any changes be made to Legend’s plaza or the signage/station?