Full STEAM ahead

You’ve heard of STEM, right? It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.

There’s another acronym now, with an additional letter: STEAM.

“A” is for Art.

How does art mix in with, say … roller coaster design?

Nate Heck from Artrageous with Nate spent a day with us last fall to find out. His first stop was Lauren, who was intricately involved in the design of all-things-artistic for Thunderbird.

Nate and Lauren during Artrageous shoot

Before we go any further with this – doesn’t Nate look familiar?

graham-norton (297x300)

Well, Graham Norton may not think so, but I believe he is what you call a doppelganger.

Nate doesn’t have Graham’s Irish brogue (being from Indiana and all), but he does have a lively spirit.

… and a curiosity about how art can work its way into the most serious of careers.

As you watch this fun video Nate and crew created with us back in October, be sure to catch the very first shot to see Nate’s rather unusual preferred mode of transportation.

Nate’s crew happily hopped on board for a few rides on Thunderbird before wrapping for the day.

That’s Andy sitting in the front with Nate. We dubbed him VTA, for Very Tall Andy, because he was almost too tall to ride. (We have two VTAs here on staff; it must be a thing.) And that’s Kyle in the back getting ready to ride with James.

Nate, Andy, James and Kyle

According to our countdown clock, we open our 70th season in just 11 weeks plus one day. Will we be ready? Absolutely! Because we don’t slow down during the off-season – it’s full steam ahead!

Thunderbird’s half-minute waltz | Off-Season Maintenance

Be assured it took many hours of work to provide Thunderbird’s trains with their off-season maintenance.

But everybody loves a good time-lapse video, right?

We’ll have another Legend update for you soon.

Meanwhile, we open for the season in just over 11 weeks. That means we need to go around the World in 80 days getting ready for our 70th Birthday season!

Calling all groundhogs

We’ve got more than one weather nerd around here – so we’re nearly whipped into a frenzy about tomorrow, Groundhog Day.

All kidding aside, Tuesday may bring some rough weather. Please be safe.

Fingers (and paws) are crossed that there will be just four more weeks till spring!