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Every time we sit down to record a new episode, it is with the determination to keep the length at less than an hour.

And every time, we fail.

Stephen came up with a good idea – he pulled out a portion of one of our longer discussions and will create a mini-episode for next week, with that “little something extra.”

Episode 005.5 … if you will.

In today’s episode we reveal the five-syllable word each was assigned to use three times during our last episode (as part of our Podcast Sweepstakes).

But first, our #PodSquad with their little slips of paper, folded over to keep their word #TopSecret:

Lauren, Leah and Matt

We’d just finished a long meeting when I took this picture. A little slap-happy, we were.

And now, the reveal:

Lauren, Leah and Matt's 5-syllable words

The silliness continued, as Lauren and Leah demonstrated their #DisneyMagic faces (referenced in Podcast Episode 003, in a story about their dad, Will Koch).

Only one person caught all three words – congratulations to Bryan B., who wins a pair of one-day tickets. Our second, chosen-at-random, winner was Amanda A. Congratulations to both and thanks to all who entered!

In the history portion of this episode, we talk about Lewis Sorensen, who was more or less our artist-in-residence for much of the 1950s.

Here’s a photo of that handsome fellow:

Lewis Sorensen

And here’s just one of many photos from our Hall of Famous Americans, which was located where Liberty Launch is now.

Little Women Wax Figures

We also welcome our Director of Attractions, Eric Rentz, to the podcast table (he’s our fast-talking New Yorker).

We hope you enjoy Episode 005 (which includes promo code exclusive to our listeners!):

Please post feedback below, or on social media (using the #HoWoPo hashtag). And we’d love to see some ratings and reviews on iTunes, if that’s not too much of a bother …

Oh, and here’s a look at the Ipe Wood that Matt went crazy over during his walk on The Legend with James last week:

Ipe Wood

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