By Paula @ Holiday World

Well, you learn something new every day.

In search of a fishy turn of phrase for this post, I turned to Google to learn that a baby fish is called a “fry.”

Our small fries – Dancer’s Fish – were created back in 1955; we added them to Santa Claus Land in the early 1970s.

Our friend Rachel K., from Owensville, Indiana, shared this amazing side-by-side of her sister, Heather, back in 1981 and Rachel’s daughter, Nova (who is now six years old), in the same “fishy” in 2012.

Dancer's Fish

This photo certainly illustrates how our fishies got a little attention in the dental department over the years. Yikes! Instead of Dancer’s Fish, we might have had to call the ride Prancer’s Piranhas back then.

We chatted about our small fries (and many other topics – including a Legend update and a new promo code) on our latest podcast episode.

Interested? Here’s the full segment:

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