By Paula @ Holiday World

I’m not going to say we talk too much, but … our #PodSquad likes to chat.

A lot!

We had an especially fun time last week reading through some newspaper clips from long ago.

Here’s the promised photo of artist Lewis Sorensen keeping one of his wax figures cool on a publicity trip to St. Louis:

Lewis Sorensen with Will Rogers wax figure - newspaper clip

Pulling out the 1958 news clip for scanning, I was struck with the fragile nature of the yellowed newsprint.

The paper felt like it might crumble into dust any second. It was truly an ancient document, worth preserving.

Then I remember 1958 was also the year of my birth. Suddenly the clip didn’t look that old.

And so here are a few longer versions of stories from Episode 005. Let’s call it 005.5 … a little something extra:

While you listen, here are some Sorensen photos from long ago to illustrate those stories:

Our pensive Betsy Ross with her 13 stars and stripes …

Betsy Ross Wax Figure

Here’s Lewis Sorensen creating Abraham Lincoln’s head for a display showing his Indiana roots …

Lewis Sorensen Creating Abraham Lincoln Wax Figure

And here’s The Railsplitter on display in Santa Claus Land’s Hall of Famous Americans (can you hear him breathing?) …

Lewis Sorensen-Created Abraham Lincoln Wax Figure

Finally, it’s our dapper artist, posing with Lillian Russell (I see she got the “big picture hat with plume and a gay parasol” she’d requested). Wonder if those two ever got their dance …

Lewis Sorensen with Lillian Russell Wax Figure

We hope you enjoy our journey back in time to revisit our early years. We’ll be back with more in our next podcast episode.

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2 Responses to “Podcast episode 005.5: a little something extra”

  1. Zach Shine

    Sorry, but could you just reiterate where the mural and freedom train will be located in the park? I will be visiting from Denver and want to make sure I see every bit I can #howopo