By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s April 22, the day before Opening Day for our 70th Birthday Season.

And so today’s podcast episode is 70 minutes long.

By coincidence, yes, but we’re still pleased with ourselves.

A few photos to pique your interest:

Two of our upcoming holidays. First, May the 4th:

Will Koch with Darth Vader

And Mother Goose Day:

Old Mother Hubbard

The chat about our history …

Please Land entrance

Here’s the link to our Roller Coaster Clubs page, if you’d like to attend HoliWood Nights (trust us, you do!).

And here they are:

We hope you enjoy today’s episode:

By the way, you can save up to $20 per ticket when you purchase Opening Weekend tickets. Come see us soon!

Oh, and here’s the “after” photo of the ancient rust-orange shag carpeting in my office.

Rust-orange shag carpeting in Paula's office

You really don’t need to see “before.”

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