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Congratulations to our winner, Joe C., of Lebanon, Kentucky, who receives two one-day tickets plus a Quick Access Pass. Thanks to all who entered!
With apologies to the Brothers Grimm: Mirror, mirror on the wall – which is the longest water coaster of all?

Sometimes you already know the answer, but it’s still nice when the Mirror (or in this case, Guinness) tells you the answer.

That’s right: The Guinness World Record folks just confirmed that the World’s Longest Water Coaster is … Mammoth!

Mammoth Water Coaster

Let’s celebrate with a sweepstakes!

Enter below and you could win two one-day tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, plus we’ll throw in a Quick Access Pass so you can march yourself up the front of the line at Mammoth when you visit.

Here’s how to enter:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter this giveaway.
  • Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari (and our immediate family members) are not eligible to enter.
  • Use the widget, below, to enter daily. There are lots of options, so you can earn extra entries by posting here on our HoliBlog, tweeting about this sweepstakes, and visiting us on our Facebook pages. The winner – chosen at random – will be emailed shortly after 1:30pm CDT on June 2.
  • For the “post a comment on the blog” entry option, simply tell us if you prefer facing forward, backwards, or sideways when riding Mammoth. (Our comments are moderated, so as long as the content is HoliFriendly, it will appear soon.)
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Ready to enter? Good luck to all!

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See you soon!

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595 Responses to “Mirror, Mirror Sweepstakes”

  1. C. Abston

    I like sitting so that I am sideways to start the ride off. We all know that position doesn’t last long, lol! I love this water coaster!

  2. Alyssa robbins

    I want to take our girls so bad (ages almost 6 and 9) we’ve never had the extra $$ laying around to go!! We’re getting there though! Fingers crossed! Front ways, sideways backwards.. Oh no! Head first, feet first..which way should we go? We’ve never been but are roaring to WILL be our lucky day and we’re hitting the road! Santa Clause, Holiday World, Mammoth and rides galore.. No way I can pick which one we would love more! So holiday world, please pick me…you’ll have my whole family jumping with glee!!! ???????????????????????

  3. Shari Torr

    I have not rode this yet but if I do I would like to ride it forward the 1st times so I may see everything and the 2nd time I would ride backwards so I can see things I didn’t see the 1st time and the 3rd time I would ride it sideways if I get that chance…then I would repeat..:)

  4. Misty Stevenson

    I would love to win this!!! I haven’t been here since I was little, I know that my daughters would love it!

  5. Michelle Mabon

    would go forward on the Mammoth. We come fro Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and come every year with the Grandchildren. There is something for everyone there and enjoy all!!!

  6. Michelle Mabon

    Great place. We come every year from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with the grandchildren and enyoy all.

  7. Amanda

    We haven’t been to holiday world for a few years now. Last time we were there they had the pilgrims plunge. I had a baby boy who will be 1 in August. He would love the water! 🙂

  8. JP

    I have never ridden the Mammoth before… but I’ll bet it’s fun no matter which way you’re facing!

  9. Olivia Arnold

    I like facing forward best. It’s more exciting to see what’s coming up!


      I would ride it anyway. My 13 yr old son would LOVE to ride it!!!! Our 5 yr old would ride it but she isn’t big enough. LOL! I haven’t been to Holiday World since I was a child. Would love to take both kids!!!!!! I have pictures with Santa when I was a child. Back in 1970. LOL!!!

  10. Tami

    Coming soon!! I’ll take sideways or forwards. But… For 2 tickets I’d try backwards.

  11. Jen

    Do I like riding frontwards or backwards or sideways..? I like ANYWAY. I LOVE this coaster!!!!

  12. Tara

    I love to ride forward on all water rides, I love to see what is coming ahead and enjoy the view!

  13. Davonne

    It doesn’t matter which I way I ride the Mammoth as long as I get to ride it!

  14. Sherrie Hudspeth

    I would love to win tickets. I’m a single mom living on ssi only, with 2 kids. Their dad won’t help me with anything, this will be the first year I can’t afford to take them to Holiday World. My kids love it as do I.

  15. Dylan Coleman

    actually it’s magic mirror on the wall in the original snow white… people have been saying that it’s mirror mirror on the wall, am I the only one who noticed this???