By Paula @ Holiday World

In today’s podcast episode, there are a lot of graphics. Knowing that our listeners would be wondering what we’re talking about, I kept promising to post the photos.

First, here’s the podcast:

And here are the illustrations (I hope I caught them all – I’m sure you’ll let me know if I didn’t). We hope you enjoy listening as you scroll through this rather jumbled mix of photos and tweets:

"Go Holiday World"

“Come on, Goose! Go Holiday World!”

Here’s where to learn more about HoliWood Nights, plus our HoliWood Night Facebook Group.

We talked about the European Coaster Club’s visit:

Friday Night Fireworks begin tonight:

We have a new contest! Here’s how to enter:

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  • Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari (and our immediate family members) are not eligible to enter.
  • During this podcast episode (#010), you will hear each member of the PodSquad talk about one of our four Cornerstones. What you need to do is keep track of which person talks about which Cornerstone (four total: Eric, Matt, Leah and Lauren). Email that list – and who said each one – to us here: by 2:30pm on June 29, 2016 and we’ll announce the winner during our next podcast episode. One entry per email address, please. The winner will be chosen at random from all the correct entries and will receive two one-day tickets to the park.
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Kudos to our super-safe Splashin’ Safari team!

June 21 is the First Day of Summer! Here’s how we plan to celebrate: Assortment of Frozen Bananas in line

And what you really wanted to see – our original Holidog (remember, it was the ’80s!): The First Holidog

Here’s the story about our Hostess digging (literally) to find a child’s lost tooth.

And here’s Lauren and Leah’s mom, Lori, performing at Holiday World (or was it Santa Claus Land?) back in the 1980s: Lori Koch performing at Holiday World
As we move on to #HoWoPo feedback, here’s a look at the rocket slide from long ago:

Rocket Slide at Santa Claus Land
Coolest birthday present ever!

1995 aerial photo

Here’s Jon Green’s “puddle picture”:

Collector pins are available on our online HoliShop and here at the park. @CoasterCrew won “The Foot”:

A sign to commemorate a memorable ride:

And a meet-and-greet with @IBWIPCOM, whom we pressured to ride the grown-up coasters:

And little Kevin makes us all go “awwwww!” again:

Here’s the link to the separated-at-birth photos of the WKRP GM and Abigail’s head.

Don’t forget to keep track of our Cornerstones throughout the episode and enter our contest!

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16 Responses to “Podcast: Holidog’s transformation”

  1. Pam Jones

    My family and I really want to come back to Holiday World and winning some tickets would help make this wish come true.

  2. Barbara Reece

    This is the best theme park bar none. If I had to choose between there and other parks I would do Holiday World. The best in the world.

  3. julie george

    I am planning on coming to Holiday World this Fourth of July weekend with my husband and another family and I’d love to win some free tickets!


    I’ve been a faithful listener of Disney podcasts for many years and now I’m a huge fan of the Holiday World podcast. So glad I have a great show to listen to about my favorite local park. I’m 3 hours away from Santa Claus but it’s worth the drive!

  5. Lea Ashby

    Just got home from Holiday World.

    We always enjoy our time at Holiday World and the kids always have a blast!

    Thanks for a wonderful vacation!

  6. Tabatha pitsonbarger

    Me and my fiancé want a get away that’s not that much of a drive for our newly wedded couple vacation! Me and him have been talking about going to holiday world but don’t have the money. We just got an apartment and we are getting married sometime on July 18th-22nd. (Whenever we have time) winning free tickets to holiday world and staying a weekend at lake Rudolph so we can fish! That would be fantastic!
    P.s. we love to fish together! And relaxing on the lazy river!