By Paula @ Holiday World

We’ve made it to Episode 014 and are heading into our second half-year of podcasting! (That bit of non-math makes me think of when you have a baby and at first you keep track of age by days, then weeks, months and finally years. It’s a process.)

We have many graphics to share this time around, but let’s start with the podcast itself, so you can listen while you peruse this gallery of silliness:

First of all, tremendous praise to our Splashin’ Safari team:

For those who are not familiar with our Beachcombers from 2010, here they are. 


And here’s a little taste of Twist & Shout:

Ah, memories. We talked about our 70th Birthday and those birthday balloons. Leah takes the gold:

Leah with 70th Birthday Balloon

Next we provide our best Siskel & Ebert imitation, having all watched Bert the Conqueror’s “Midwest Mud Fest.”

Bert hugs Leah and Lauren

The question of whose hand ended up on camera? Eric, hands down, it has to be be you.

Eric's Hand

Oh, Alex … you’re a brave, brave soul.

Bert the Conqueror

… and invited everyone to enter our “So Long, Summer Sweepstakes.” The cute Christmas Cabins we talked about? This is what cozy means in the town of Santa Claus:

Rudolph's Christmas Cabin

Fun fact: The actual percentage of southpaws in the population (Rentz’s claim notwithstanding)? Ten percent.

Our Black Cat Appreciation Day discussion was enlightening.

Kitty Claws

Kitty Claws. What’s not to love?

We love Holidog, too. He helps remind everyone when we move from daily operation to weekends only: 

Sorry Folks meme

A very nice Tweeted montage:  

Happy Birthday tweet from @CoasterCrew:

… who are working hard on Lauren’s coffee-table book:

As we head into our 70 Degrees of Separation game, let’s present our contest question: “Yes or No, should we continue playing 70 Degrees each episode?” Simply email your answer to: by 2:30pm on August 24, 2016.

The rules and such:

    • You must be at least 18 years old to enter this giveaway.
    • Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari (and our immediate family members) are not eligible to enter.
    • During this podcast episode (#014), you will hear this question toward the end: “Yes or No, should we continue playing 70 Degrees each episode?” Simply email your answer to: by 2:30pm on August 24, 2016. We’ll announce the winner – chosen at random – during our next podcast episode. (There is no “right” answers, we just really want some feedback. Oh, and the “vote” is non-binding.)
    • By entering our contest, you agree to be added to our e-newsletter list. You may unsubscribe at any time by following the directions in your email.
    • Did you know you can subscribe to our HoliBlog so that you receive all of our posts (including contests) by email? If you’re using a desktop computer or tablet, look for the “Subscribe to Blog” sidebar at the top-right corner of this page. On a smartphone? Just scroll down a tiny bit more to find it.

We will end this HoliBlog post with a tribute to Lauren, who revealed during 70 Degrees that she loves the movie Pollyanna – as especially her Glad Game.

As we finish up our “last week of daily,” we can all play Pollyanna’s game and say we’re really glad to work at such a fun park.

With our dear friend and colleague, LaurenAnna:


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