By Paula @ Holiday World

Today’s podcast recording felt like the last day of school (for those who remember being overjoyed when that day arrived; I’m not one of them – I used to cry).

We were just … giddy.

Reining in the PodSquad was nearly impossible. But we had a wicked good time and hope you do as well.

Here you go:

Below are the illustrations to go along with our constantly changing topics.

Buckle up – this one’s a wild ride!

Here’s the Planet Coaster video, showing their audio team’s visit at the 5:00 mark:

The video tribute celebrating CoasterRadio’s 10 years of podcasting is like a who’s who of coaster enthusiasts.

Justin surprised us with new menu items – all for Happy Halloween Weekends, which start on September 24.

Eric dug right in …

Eric tries a funnel cake

There’s a chocolate funnel cake (with Oreos and chocolate chips), a Reese’s Pieces funnel cake, and one with maple syrup and bacon. So good!

We couldn’t help but talk about Bert the Conqueror and his Speedo one more time. But I can’t quite bring myself to embed his video appeal (audition?) to Speedo following the news that they might be looking for a new model. #NSFW? Um, you decide.

Rock the World was a joy yet again, but those long, long hours of tear-down after the concert brought about a scary selfie from Lauren, Leah, Ben and John.

It was the 23-hour mark for Lauren. Too much caffeine and too little sleep.

23 hours with no sleep

Our very first roller coaster? Watch this:

Meanwhile, here’s that little “verified” check mark I’m so excited about:

Verified on Twitter

It’s actually a “badge” not a “ball,” now that I look at it in all its blue glory.

Here’s Nathan’s proposed vanity plate for his new car – we approve!  

Had a little fun with a trending hashtag the other day:

We learned a bit more about Dan The T-Shirt Guy:

And finally, the latest #HoWoPo tweet from The Coaster Crew:

We finished up with our 70 Degrees of Separation game, a promo code, and … a ticket giveaway!

Read the rules and enter!

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      • Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari (and our immediate family members) are not eligible to enter.
      • During this podcast episode (#015), you will hear a question toward the end. Simply email your answer to: by 2:30pm on September 7, 2016. We’ll announce the winner – chosen at random – during our next podcast episode. (There is no “right” answers, we’re just nosy.)
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Hope you enjoyed this extended-version podcast! Since today is Dog Day, we’ll take a paws to leave you with one final tweet:  

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  1. Jack French

    Hello, I ahve tried submitting for the podcast contest from three different email accounts and I get Mailor-Fail email everytime. 🙁 not sure how I can enter the contest now.