Birthday Week treats


70th Birthday Bottle Souvenir Bucket

It’s our 70th Birthday week!

Here’s a list of goodies to check out now through Sunday, August 7:

This week, when you buy three of our 70th Birthday Souvenir Bottles for $12.99, the fourth bottle is free. (The regular price is $6.99 for one bottle.) Available at most food locations.

At the Chill Factory, Alamo, Bahari Snacks and Hot Diggity Dogs, refillable Double Helix bottles are buy-one/get-one all this week. That’s two bottles for $9.99, with 99-cent refills all season long.

Buy two of our 70th Birthday Souvenir Buckets (they’re $5.99 each) this week and get a third one free. Popcorn and cotton-candy refills are just 99 cents all season long (kettle corn refills are $1.99). The Souvenir Buckets are available at Santa’s Snacks, Sweet Stuff and Bahari Snacks.

Other treats: free sprinkles on all Waffle Cones; two Luigi Ices for $4 at the Bahari Cart; and 12 Cookie Dough Bites for $6 at Bahari Snacks.


Holiday Road warriors

And to think that when I was a kid in the ’60s and heading out on vacation in the family car with my brothers and our parents, our biggest entertainment was looking for license plates from every state.

The Jeff Sutton family found a modern way to keep themselves – and the rest of us – highly amused during their five-hour drive:

The National Lampoon’s Vacation reference is a good reminder that we’re closing in on the time when Marty the Moose heads back “out front.” That’s right, our “open daily” season comes to a close on August 14. After that – weekends only (here’s our calendar, with all the dates and hours).

Meanwhile, be sure your sound is turned up when watching this video, it’s a lot of fun!