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It’s podcast day again and this time we welcomed Matt Taylor to the table – he’s our IT Director.

We hope you enjoy this episode:

Here are some illustrations for this latest episode along with some reminders:

IT Matt gives us an interesting overview of how he and his team outfitted the park for our free Wi-Fi.

He also reveals how many miles of fiber are out there.

And what does he fear most?

Heights …

Lightning …

… or bees?

Also, Matt tells the story of the discovery of a long-lost Santa Claus Land mural from the 1950s.

You’ll never guess where it was found!


We learn about “the squirrel issue” at Wildebeest (an occasionally recurring “issue,” apparently).

Don’t forget to enter our “Last Chance to Splash” Sweepstakes by Monday, September 12.

Please also remember that we’re closed to the public this weekend (September 10 & 11) and both parks will reopen on September 17. Here’s our calendar, if you’d like to check specific hours.

Sunday’s visit from WWE Hall of Famer and all-around-good-guy Mick Foley was a delight.

Here’s that “Facebook LIVE” video with Mick on the carousel:

A reminder that the very best prices for 2017 Season Passes ($17 a month on Easy Pay) run through September 15, 2016.

Will receiving award

Our 70th Birthday look-back takes us to the mid-1990s, and the start of the Golden Ticket Awards (this year’s ceremony is on Saturday, September 10).

Here’s a favorite photo of the late Will Koch, accepting the Golden Ticket Award for Cleanest Park back in 2007.

Will loved “bringing home the Lucite,” as he called it.

This year’s event is at Cedar Point.

The ceremony will be streamed live on their website, starting at 8pm EDT on Saturday.

We plan to tune in – and hope you will, too.

We have a few tweets to share during our #HoWoPo Feedback segment.

First, the YouTube review of Thunderbird:


A chew toy for Nathan’s cat:

A little trumpet solo:

And, of course, the latest from The Coaster Crew:

And now it’s time for the Podcast Contest:

Read the rules and enter!

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      • Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari (and our immediate family members) are not eligible to enter.
      • During this podcast episode (#016), you will hear a question toward the end. There are two ways to enter: Private Message our Facebook page and also Direct Message on our Twitter page (you may enter once in each place) by 2:30pm CDT on September 21. We’ll announce the winner – chosen at random – during our next available podcast episode. (There is no “right” answer, we’re just nosy.)
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We’re so excited to welcome Mick Foley to the PodSquad next time – we hope you’ll join us again then, too!

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