By Paula @ Holiday World

Today was a podcast day like none other.

Mick Foley on Podcast

Our guest today was Mick Foley, who used our podcast to make a really exciting announcement about his next project.

Michael Francis Foley is one heck of a storyteller. If you’re a wrestling fan, you already know that. But even if you’ve never tuned in to an evening of Raw (where he’s now general manager), I truly believe you’ll enjoy every second of this, our longest, episode.

As you’ll learn, Mick is a huge fan of Santa Jim Yellig, who was Santa here throughout our Santa Claus Land years (we also remember him as one of our fourth-generation owners’ great-grandfathers). While telling the story of his first experience as Santa, I wasn’t sure of the exact year. But now we know – it was on board the USS New York nearly a century ago!

USS New York Christmas

Santa Day for 100 New York City orphans, on board USS New York, BB-34, on December 25, 1916

Thank you for joining us for this fun episode. And thanks so much to Mick for the excellent stories and great friendship.

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One Response to “Podcast: The One with Mankind”

  1. Jerry Fleming

    Awesome! Glad I listened to entire thing! Love Mick! I regret not making it to Stark Raven Mad that year. My best friend took his two boys then and told me all about it and how he danced with Pat. Would love to meet him sometime. Not as just a Mick Foley fan, but as a coaster fan as well.