By Paula @ Holiday World

What puts the “fun” in funnel cake? That question gets more complicated during Happy Halloween Weekends, as our Foods team goes a little crazy.

Take this, for instance …

Reese's Pieces Funnel Cake

… our new Reese’s Pieces Funnel Cake.

It’s really good.

But that’s not the only new funnel cake we’re trying out.

Which is best? We asked our Twitter followers …

By the way, if you eat gluten-free, your vote – hands down – would certainly be for the Gluten-Free Funnel Cake we offer all season at George’s Gluten-Free Pizza & Snacks.

E-ticket prices for Happy Halloween Weekends drop to $30.99 for General Admission and $22.99 for Guests-under-54″ and Seniors (60+) when you use a promo code. Where to get a promo code? Here are two ways: Head over to our Connect with Us page and subscribe to our e-newsletter or listen to a recent podcast episode. Then drop the promo code here so you can get those great ticket prices online.

Happy Halloween Weekends run every Saturday and Sunday now through October 30.

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One Response to “Putting the ‘fun’ in funnel cake”

  1. Maria

    Thank you for always looking out for the celiacs and those who need gluten free. This is one of those incidents where my family was clueless on how blessed we are to have Lori and this park so close to us while we transitioned our daughter into her new diet. Lori never questioned me when I told her what was happening, and when we had our first person confront how serious her condition was, I was completely flabbergasted, shocked, and unprepared. A few months ago, the admin for “Raising Jack with Celiac” showed your gf funnel cakes on their threads, and the response to that was amazing. So few people with this condition know there are gluten free funnel cakes available. My family takes for granted how much you do for those with this condition……so thank you.