By Paula @ Holiday World

Have you seen the news?

… that article detailing a study that indicates riding a roller coaster could help you with the dreadful task of passing a kidney stone?

CNN picked up the story and posted it last night – using a picture of Thunderbird as the featured photo.

We’re delighted, of course, but given that the article’s prescription is for a roller coaster that does not surpass 40 miles per hour and does not include inversions, Thunderbird is not what the doctor ordered!

CNN tweet

If you believe the old saw that laughter is the best medicine, then that article most certainly served its purpose, given all the silly “for medicinal purposes” jokes that have since been posted.

Thunderbird and all three wooden coasters are open weekends through October 30 as part of our Happy Halloween Weekends, along with lots of other fun rides, Halloween-themed attractions and shows, and just about every pumpkin-spice treat you could imagine.



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