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As chilly autumn winds begin to blow at last, turning leaves to gold, red and orange, the #PodSquad sat down with an old friend.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we had fun recording it:

Magic Show: Don and Boy with Giant PencilsThis episode’s guest?

It’s our Magic Man, Don Baggett.

Don has a long history with us – and it’s even longer than we realized!

His Wild & Wacky Halloween Magic Show continues in the back room at Kringle’s Kreepy Kafe for the next two weekends, as we wind down our 70th season.

During our chat, Don reminisced about visiting Santa Claus Land as a child.

He made friends with our magicians from back in the 1970s and ’80s – Gene Smith and Arte Williams – plus our clown, Happy Kellems.

Here’s Arte Williams, on stage at Santa Claus Land’s Showboat Theater:

Magic Show with Arte Williams

Here’s Happy Kellems getting bonked on the head by his wife, Lillian:

Happy Kellems at Santa Claus Land

Both Lauren and Leah stepped in last weekend to help out on stage with our Lights Out! show. Here they are with their “little” brother, William, who can usually be found adjusting lights, microphones and (if you listened to Podcast Episode 018, you already know) creating cobwebs.


Twelve acres of corn mazes take about six months to plan, plant, cut and explore:

Corn Maze 2016

Happy birthday, Will! This photo of Matt and Will is from Christmas, 2006.

Matt and Will

And here’s our tweet from yesterday:

A listener sent us a bottle of Bacon Soda. Lauren, as you can see, was not a fan.

Lauren tries Bacon Soda

And finally, The Coaster Crew and their incredibly photogenic Big Green Foot sent a tweet on National Farmers Day:

Thanks for listening!

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One Response to “Podcast: Magic Man!”

  1. Vicki Buckwinkel

    Thank You Don Baggett for all the great memories! Good luck to you and your family!!!