By Paula @ Holiday World

Angie was breathless.

And it wasn’t because she had just climbed 310 steps – to the top of The Voyage lift hill. (“I had to stop to catch my breath four times,” she confessed.)

It was because she achieved one of her top “bucket list” desires and saw the World from 17 stories up.

Angie at the top of Voyage

Our Guest Services Manager had dreamed about climbing The Voyage ever since she joined us full time back in 2011. She wanted to see the entire county from one spot. She mentioned this to Lori in Attractions, who quickly offered to escort her.

Imagine Angie’s surprise that she could not only see the entire county, she could also see the Natcher Bridge spanning the Ohio River … all the way to Kentucky!

Angie was also amazed to spot so many water towers. “More than I knew existed,” she told me. And the fall trees were absolutely beautiful.

I asked Angie what could possibly remain on her bucket list – after all, she got to be one of the first to ride Thunderbird back in 2015, and now this.

What’s left?



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4 Responses to ““It made me giddy””

  1. Penny Ball Fortune

    Angie, is an amazing person inside, and out . Love u my sister,,and so glad, you had the chance to do this

  2. Myrna Lindauer

    Angie is truly one of the best. Always has a smile and encourages everyone to smile, smile, smile. Angie, we love you and so glad you made it to the top. Parachuting, not so sure about that,