By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s been a full month since the #PodSquad assembled, so we kicked off December with memories of Thanksgiving, a mannequin video, and plans for 2017:

Here’s the AtlasObscura article about our “thematically relevant roller coaster.”

So sad about the loss of Mrs. Brady.

Florence Henderson with the Kochs

From left, Leah Koch, Florence Henderson, Lauren (Koch) Crosby, and Lori Koch.

And let there be no question about Florence’s finest performance:

Rest in Peace, Florence Henderson.

The Coaster Crew outdid themselves with the Big Green Foot this month:

We revealed a number of Easter eggs from this week’s “mannequin video”: We may have missed a few – I’m sure you’ll let us know.

Proof that Matt really texted me a photo of his sock:

We talked about National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Here’s Bill Koch’s Navy photo from 1942.

Bill Koch in Navy 1942

We mentioned the new Holidog Height Chart, now on sale in the HoliShop.

Holidog Height Chart

Conversation, of course, returned to bacon and bacon soda when we saw this Coaster Crew tweet:

An incredible photo of Thunderbird:

Thanksgiving greetings from Coaster Crew:

We got off-track (imagine that!) and talked about Words With Friends:

Words with Friends

Matt is a really good player. I saved those “You Beat MattEckert” for a ridiculously long time.

And finally … during our 70 Degrees of Separation game, we talked about the Educated Animals (watch for them around 3:50 into the video):

Thanks so much for listening!

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