By Paula @ Holiday World

If you’re a podcast listener, you already know that The Coaster Crew is a regular mention in our #HoWoPo Feedback segment.

Long story short (I’ll try, anyway), The Coaster Crew is one of our “partner clubs.” Several members attended last season’s HoliWood Nights event and were intrigued by the lone green foot that was part of our auction for Give Kids the World. They bid, and subsequently won, the green foot. And the rest is history.

Yes, every few weeks (and sometimes more frequently), we see a tweet from The Coaster Crew, showing the Big Green Foot enjoying his time with Holidog and all their friends. During one podcast episode several months ago, Lauren declared that the tweeted photos were so awesome, she thought they should be made into a coffee-table book.

And today her dream came true:

The Big Green Foot has a mysterious past. It doesn’t match any of our costume characters, current or past. It just arrived one day and we kept it until it made more sense to auction it.

The Coaster Crew certainly got a kick out of The Foot. Hope you do, too.

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