By Paula @ Holiday World

Happy New Year!

Our first podcast-episode name in 2017 is a nod to Leah, our oboe-playing member who still has a few days home before returning to Indiana University to continue her MBA studies.

We hope you enjoy this episode:

Did you want to see that video of Lauren opening her coffee-table book from The Coaster Crew? Here ’tis:

The in-the-booth video we talked about should be on YouTube (and here on the HoliBlog) in a few days. In the paint booth From left, that’s William, Leah, Matt and Lauren. Afterwards, Matt hung back for a little Facebook Live action – introducing our followers to the true meaning of the “Big Flake”:
Looks like Lauren’s dog, Edgar, isn’t looking forward to celebrating National Dress Up Your Pet Day on January 14! (That’s his nose poking through the armhole as he worked to remove his garment.)

Edgar the puppy dog Christmas wishes from The Coaster Crew:

And a celebratory gathering for Bacon Day on December 30:

But really, bacon toothpaste?!

And finally, they helped us ring in the New Year:

Here’s a look at that darling photo of young Kevin Weihe:

Wanting to learn more about our HoliWood Nights event, with this year’s theme of Jurclassic Park? Head over to our Clubs page for all the details.

2017 HoliWood Nights Flier

And finally, here’s your reminder that our best discounts for Season Passes run through January 15.

Thanks for listening!

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