By Paula @ Holiday World

So what is your New Year’s Resolution?

Mine is to crank out more puns in 2017.

Hence this blog post’s title.

But really, isn’t this pretty?

Painter Joe Adding Clear Coat to Firecracker

The sparkly top coat is thanks to a product called Big Flake. We can’t wait to see Firecracker in action on a sunny day.

And, fear not, after painting eight of the cars blue, Joe will paint the other eight red. (Oh, I can just hear the college sports fans already … )

Matt, Lauren, Leah and William stopped by “the booth” in our Paint Shop to send out a January update:

In case their closing line sounds familiar, let me just say it was originally meant to be simply “see you soon.” That group of Disneyphiles, though, couldn’t help but channel their inner Mouseketeers by adding the word “real.”

I’ll use mouse type for this final comment, as it will probably annoy more people than it will please, but technically, it should be see you really soon. There. I can click the “publish” button in good grammatical conscience now.


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One Response to “Making Firecracker “pop””

  1. Tom Keener

    i’m surprised the Firecracker is rated as a mild ride. The Calypso I rode at Springlake Amusement Park in Oklahoma City (many years ago) was certainly not mild. What made it worse was a ride cycle that was too long. More is not always better when it comes to flat rides.