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The #PodSquad is back, with a Firecracker update, the story of Kitty Claws and her tutu, and a visit from HR:

Here’s the tweet with our first IT Intern, Andy Imlay, this year’s Easterseals Adult Ambassador

John mentioned “Blue Monday” candy bars last week, and we weren’t sure whether we should believe him. So he gave us a sampling. We are now believers. Blue Monday candy

Matt talked a little about the development of Kitty Claws, who started out looking more like Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons than our current Kitty. For the upcoming National Fettuccine Alfredo Day, we discovered Bill Koch (Lauren’s paternal grandpa) met the Alfredo back in 1955.

Bill Koch and Alfredo

During our #HoWoPo Feedback segment, we questioned the wisdom of picking a Twitter fight with wrestling great Mick Foley.  Here’s a photo of Ol’ Saint Mick, who was a guest on our podcast last fall during his visit with us while working on his Santa Memoir.

Mick Foley on Podcast

And, of course, The Coaster Crew once again gave us a chuckle. Twice:  

One more reminder about Easy Pay – if you’d like monthly payments for your Season Passes, be sure to sign up by the February 15 deadline. Check out all the Season Pass Perks here.

And finally, we never mind an interruption from Foods Director Justin, who brought us paninis to sample – they’ll be on the menu at SmokeHouse this season (up by Thunderbird).

Thumbs up from Lauren!

Lauren Crosby


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