By Paula @ Holiday World

I’ve been saving this one for a special day.

And what could be more special than Valentine’s Day, right?

Okay … a wedding day.

Because, you know … you get cake.

wedding cake

But wait – doesn’t the cake topper look oddly familiar?

Let’s get a closer look:

wedding cake topper

Kara and Sean tied the knot in Florida back in December. Here’s what Kara emailed me when she sent the photos: Holiday World holds a very special place in our hearts and the hearts of our friends. We worked with an artist to create the custom cake topper, which shows us boarding a Voyage car (renamed “The Plunge” for this unique occasion).

They really did work with an artist – get a load of this:

cake topper design

And here’s a photo of the wedding party … at the wedding party:

carousel wedding

If you’re thinking the dapper fellow on the far right looks familiar, you’re correct – that’s Jeff from CoasterBuzz. The red-haired, hoof-holding gent to Jeff’s right is his son, Simon, who has the distinction of being the youngest person to have his own tag here on the HoliBlog.

Congratulations to Kara and Sean as you embark on your life-long Voyage of wedded bliss.

Just one question: What flavor was the cake?

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One Response to “Love roller coaster”

  1. Lisa Schmitt

    I think with the new coaster they’re putting in they should bring back the weddings in the park. Me and my fiance had our first date at Holiday world and both of us being kinda older we don’t want a courthouse wedding. Would love to do it at Holiday world!