By Paula @ Holiday World

Eric Rentz returns for this week’s podcast and updates us on iROC, his first Dole Whip experience, and a promise he must not break:


To illustrate this episode, let’s start with a few links:

Next, a photo of the new Beest Burger:

Beest Burger

… and Matt proudly showing off the treat he picked up for us at the gas station this morning:

Bacon Sunflower Seeds

And a few graphics:

Our shout out to Matt’s HoliVersary:

  My beloved James Tiberius Kirk, William Shatner, at his understated best:

The amazing bouquet of Bacon Roses:

Mick Foley’s amazing sleigh recliner:

And, of course, our clever holiday tweets from The Coaster Crew:

Finally, here’s that Saved By the Bell moment that Rentz so fondly remembered during our 33 Degrees of Separation game:

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