By Paula @ Holiday World

March came in like a lion and is going out like an incredibly busy lamb.

(Baa-a-a-d pun alert) … but VP James isn’t a bit sheepish in his update for this latest Hard Hat Chronicles:

Here’s another look at the Alamo restaurant‘s new look:

Alamo re-do

And our Coaster Cats, who are happy working in their office without a roof:

Coaster Technicians on Voyage | Hard Hat Chronicles

Recognize this coaster?

Coaster Technicians on Voyage | Hard Hat Chronicles

Opening Day is April 29 – and we’ll be ready! Check out our new Pick Your Price online ticket deals and start planning your visit!

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2 Responses to “The Hard Hat Chronicles return”

  1. Nola Davis

    Love that you are bringing back some older mild rides. I bring a huge group of seniors and special needs every year. They can’t handle roller coasters or the water park but they love to ride. We were talking last week. They would love to see a huge Ferris wheel. The old snowflake that used to be at the front of the park or a bob sled ride brought into the park. They too love the park but wanted me to send their comments