By Paula @ Holiday World

Brandon on Career DayThis little guy, from Bowling Green, Kentucky, lit up our Facebook page yesterday morning.

His mom, Emily, posted this excruciatingly cute photo, along with: Today is career day for my youngest in preschool. I think he chose a great career!

I screen-captured the post and emailed it to our full-time staff. Little Brandon is the perfect reminder of what it’s all about – why we all work extra hours to get the park ready for Opening Day.

That smile says it all.

Our collective HoliHeart melted. I heard back from quite a few (and not just the moms) who said the photo made their day.

Upon further investigation (and while gathering Emily’s permission to use this photo), we discovered Brandon is five years old and his favorite attraction is Frightful Falls (with Kima Bay as a close second).

Brandon just reached the very important height of 42 inches tall, so there are all sorts of bigger rides in his not-too-distant future.

Thanks, Brandon, for wanting to work here. You’ve got a few more years to go before we can accept your application, but we’ll be watching for it in 2027!




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