By Paula @ Holiday World

When you’ve got a friend named Chad, you’ve got to hang with him, right?

Chad & Matt

WBKR’s Chad Benefield has been our pal for years. In fact, he was the emcee on the night we announced Thunderbird back in 2014, remember?

We asked Chad to join us for a podcast, and today was the day:

Right before the podcast, we invited Chad to take a ride on Firecracker with our full-time staff.

He and Matt gave it a whirl:

Those USA Today polls are here for Best Amusement Park and her for Best Outdoor Water Park. Thanks for your votes!

So happy Ol’ Saint Mick is recovering well:

We must show you Bob Green’s hometown mascot:

Beanie the lima bean

Chad mentioned his love of dance.

Here he is:

The Coaster Crew is still making us laugh:

…and for Easter:

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Thanks – as always – for listening. We hope to see you in the park this season!

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