By Paula @ Holiday World

We take a deep dive into our Calypso ride’s restoration this episode, as Sean Strahl joins us to provide the inside track:

I waited for Sean’s story to “air” on our podcast before sharing these photos from late last fall:

Calypso ride - before

That’s Tony running the equipment to lift the old cars, as the crew of six worked last November to disassemble the ride that had been out of operation for nearly a decade.

Here’s what they found, once the platform was removed:

Calypso - platform removed

Yes, it looked pretty bad. And we replaced what was no longer usable over the winter months.

The crew of six posed for a photo. From left, that’s Sean (who’s our guest on today’s podcast), Andy, Jon, another Sean, and Billy. And Tony took the photo.

Calypso Crew

Six months later, and here’s how Firecracker looks:

Firecracker | Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

It’s a great family ride! We leave the “lights on” even when it’s daylight – and can’t wait to see it after dark!

The Coaster Crew made us laugh again, as they posed The Big Green Foot with our characters to celebrate some non-traditional holidays:

Thanks for listening! Tell us what other backstories you’d like to hear by posting a comment, below.

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3 Responses to “Podcast: The One with the Lights On”

  1. Katie Webster

    Yay for Lauren! I hope she’s getting all the naps and milkshakes she can stand! Looking forward to bringing my own little “rider” for his first visit to Holiday World this year, and riding the Firecracker for the first time! #HoWoPo

  2. Kevin Vanosdol

    You mentioned the various sodas, there is a franchised chain of stores called RocketFizz (link attached) which sells ALL kinds of sodas, from the classics, retro, and new flavors specially made for their stores, including all the bacon flavors mentioned, pickle-flavored, booger, ranch, etc……

    Looks like Inidianapolis, St. Louis and Nashville are the closest to Santa Claus. Indy’s is right on the circle.

    Check them out!