By Paula @ Holiday World

We heard recently from a mom who was going through a tough time. Here’s a portion of her email to us:

Barnabus and ZachMy children and I have recently gone through an apartment fire … We lost pretty much everything, and what we didn’t lose we cannot go in after. My son has had a bear in a red Holiday World sweatshirt that he won at Holiday World 6 years ago that means a lot to him. In fact he has kind of become our family bear “Barnabus.” I have a photo of Barnabus and would like to know if you all still use them in your games. If you do I am wanting to know what I need to do to purchase a new one. It’s the only thing he has asked for. Picking up the pieces and putting smiles on my three kids faces has become my top priority. I’m a single mom and I thought life was hard before lol! God has a plan, and we will be just fine, it would just be wonderful if we could have our Barnabus back.

After taking a moment to appreciate this mom’s attitude, I checked with Michael in Games. Unfortunately, we no longer carry Barnabus-style bears as prizes.

And so we checked with our staff – just in case someone had a Barnabus at home they might be willing to part with for such a good cause.

Just as we thought we might be close to tracking one down, we heard again from the mom: We have a bear!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help! They went into the apartment and that bear survived, unscathed, he was meant to still be a part of our family!

Don’t you just love happy endings?

Happy Mother’s Day to this amazing mom and all the wonderful women in our lives!


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One Response to “A bear named Barnabus”

  1. Jeanne foster

    I adopted 3 special needs children and am also a single mom.
    I fantasize how it would be to be able to take them on a great trip to Holiday World.They would be as happy as kids that get to go to Disney.. It’s my youngest girls b-day and this is All she asked for.Sure wish I could win and make her b-day! Awesome!!! Thank You