By Paula @ Holiday World

IT Director Matt energized the #PodSquad early on with the declaration: “You don’t really need money anymore.”

Find out what he was referring to (and a whole lot more) here in our latest podcast episode:

Raspberry Pie sounds delicious! IT Matt hands one to Eric for consideration.

Matt and Eric

Here’s that video of the Boom Squad (don’t miss the baby boomers near the end):

Here’s intern Foster, holding the cast’s shoes, shorts and shirts:

A gift from a friend:

Santa Claus Land broom














Oh my, the Big Red bandwagon is growing stronger by the minute. Here’s where to check out all our free soft drink locations.

During our Do Not Fry holiday discussion, Eric explained it’s best to 1) Apply Sunscreen; 2) Rub It In; 3) Wait 15 Minutes Before Getting in the Water.

Lauren was quick to show us her version of the “but I’ve got a lot to do” face:


Photos from our hot air balloon wedding, back in 1993:

Hot air balloon wedding

Mr. Rentz is very bitter about Episode 033, when his 33 Degrees win was rescinded in favor of Chad.

  The Coaster Crew sent congrats to Expectant Lauren:

Here’s how the Crosbys revealed their baby’s gender:


… and another holiday celebration:

Lauren turned to The Google to show Matt the true wardrobe requirements of any self-respecting accountant from the last century:


<Spoiler alert from 33 Degrees> The true “Boys of Summer,” the Beachcombers from 2010:


… and here they are, riding Wildebeest:

2010 Beachcombers

Thanks for joining us again! Hope to see you in the park soon!

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One Response to “Podcast: The Return of the IT Guy”

  1. Linda Dehn

    We love listening to the Podcast! Just got back from taking my 8th graders to HW. They loved it. We took the behind the scenes tour, and while we were waiting for the park to open, two of your employees took a picture of our tshirts. They had a “Survive and Thrive” logo which they said they had a meeting where they talked about that. Just a side note, that was the name of our middle school play that was written by my daughter, Brianna Dehn who was a number one fan of the shows when she was younger. She drew pictures for the cast, even when Lauren Koch was in them. Her best work was a giant poster that hung up in the back of the theater. That picture made the 70th pictures as well.

    Also, I am a Diet Pepsi, with caffeine fan. You do have several locations around HW/SS that has that, but your soft drink listing does not differentiate between caffeine free and not. Happy that Kringle’s cafe has caffeine now.

    Keep going with the pod casts. We love them. #howopo.

    Linda Dehn