By Paula @ Holiday World

How often have you been out in public and heard a child who’s just not in a good mood?

Most of us would continue on our way.

Not Henry.

His story was told on Facebook yesterday by the little boy’s mother: So thankful for a sweet guy named Henry who noticed my son had a broken leg and was having a rough time! With his own money he bought Sulley some gummy worms and turned his frown upside down!!!!

As endearing as that story was, the additional tales – posted about Henry and about other Hosts and Hostesses here at the park – continued to warm our hearts throughout the evening and all of today.

Thanks to all of our Hosts and Hostesses for embracing our cornerstones – Safety, Service, Friendliness & Cleanliness – and taking it one step further when a little boy with his leg in a cast needs an understanding smile and a cup of gummies.

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6 Responses to “Opening a can of worms”

  1. Debra Lynn Kaminski

    Thanks, that was a great thing you did. People like you is what put smiles on our faces. That’s what makes people want to keep coming back.

  2. Sue Ellen Parker

    Henry is a good kid who comes from a great family. Genetically speaking, he couldn’t be anything else. I’m proud he’s from Princeton!

  3. Mary Daniels

    Henry you are a very nice person, the world needs more like you. One good deed, deserves many thanks!

  4. Adam Brechner

    Poor Sully! Hope he was still able to have some fun. You’re a good guy, Henry. So typical of this atypical park. Love these kind of stories where this wouldn’t be found in an employee handbook- just good old-fashioned kindness.