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Technically, we named this episode The one with the Jurclassic Park two weeks ago. And we do talk about HoliWood Nights in this episode.

But … at sort of the last minute, we invited Cesilie Carlton from our high-dive team to stop by to talk about the upcoming Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.


Cesilie is heading to Ireland in another week (don’t worry, she’ll be back!) to compete.

Cesilie Carlton

Yesterday, she was interviewed by ABC News (yes, the network).


Cesilie’s stories are amazing. What a fascinating life! Let’s give you some links to follow up on some of our topics:

    Matt was interviewed for an INCPAS video yesterday. Poor #FosterTheIntern nearly blew away!


Here’s that photo of Santa we used in the Dole Whip Twitter conversation:

Don’t miss American Eagle Day on June 20!

George the Eagle


A blast from the past: Discovery Channel’s “Building the Biggest Roller Coasters”:


Our new friends from New York:

Snarky Idol? #SaveRentz:

The Coaster Crew outdid themselves with The Big Green Foot during HoliWood Nights:

Here’s that photo of our Herbivores table:

Vegetarian options

Matt was proud to share that he took this photo.

… but I don’t think he realized the trompe l’oeil effect. Doesn’t it look like there’s a man stuffed into the foot?

And we’ll end this post with the best Facebook mistake-message ever:

Claudius on Facebook




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One Response to “Podcast: Cliff diving champ”

  1. Ruthann Knowles

    I love Holiday World… I’m 56 years old & have been going to this Wonderful theme park since I was young. My favorite picture of my childhood is a black & white 5×7 picture of my older brother & younger sister sitting on & around Santa Clause there at Holiday World. I was about 5 years old. My memory of the theme park was of EXCITEMENT & BIG SMILES! I can remember everyone being so nice & friendly & making everything wonderful. AND what is so WONDERFUL is that Holiday World still carries that same excitement & smiles for my 6 year old Granddaughter! Holiday World has changed through the years growing bigger and adding more rides and activities to make it even more exciting. In addition with the changes they have maintained the high family standards theme park filled with polite, courteous, helpful staff. Thank you Holiday World for still being such a high quality them park. We will continue to visit your them park for yet another generation.