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The #PodSquad started off this episode welcoming guest Andy Imlay – the park’s first IT intern and current Easterseals Adult Ambassador.

… and newlywed.

Andy and Megan got married during Metropolis, Illinois’ annual Superman Celebration.

I can just picture Andy sweet-talking the mayor out of a prime hour of Superman statue time for the nuptials.

He’s a charmer.

Here are Andy and his groomsmen, revealing their true identities: 

After the wedding we revealed our true identities #supermancelebration #superwedding #justice A post shared by Andy Imlay (@palsypositive) on

And later, with wife, Megan, and actor Dean Cain:

Got to meet Dean Cain with my beautiful bride #supermancelebration #deancain #metropolis #wheelchairlife #superman

A post shared by Andy Imlay (@palsypositive) on

We got way off topic talking about Santa’s wardrobe during our Batter Up! Sweepstakes segment.

But, all you want is the link to the sweepstakes, right?

Still – you’ve got to admit – Santa is pretty handy with a needle and thread!

Santa in Baseball Jersey with Bat

Our visit with the Koaster Kids was pretty special. Logan’s story is remarkable.  

Here he is, riding with Matt.

Next, we minimally taste-tested these bacon treats. (Thanks, Nathan – you know we love you!)

bacon treats

Santa got some stern feedback following his fun with one of those new-fangled fidget spinners:

And, finally, every day is Groundhog Day for Foster the Intern.

Here’s the Theme Park Family Podcast crew with identically named Ride Ops:

And the Coaster Crew does is again:

Thanks for listening! We hope to see you around the park soon!

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  1. Debra Lynn Kaminski

    These are wonderful pics. I really enjoy looking at them all. Thank you.