By Paula @ Holiday World

As you may know, Leah Koch has been missing from the podcast for nearly every episode over the better part of a year.

First it was because she was working on her MBA at Indiana University and now … a big-city internship.

And so, we rang her up at her – gasp! – non-air-conditioned dwelling in the city so nice they named it twice:

Two smiling Koch siblings, who prove that good things come to those who wait:

Leah & William at Hamilton

And here’s Matt and his BFF, NPH, at DAK:

Matt & Doogie

Friday Night Fireworks? Tonight and next Friday and that’s it for 2017. Here’s a preview:

Mmmmm … Peanut Butter & Chocolate Day:

Reese's Pieces Funnel Cake  

Be sure to enter our Cool It! Sweepstakes by July 31! Ah, the Trash Impactors:

Trash Impactors - Bahari Wave

The Coaster Crew stepped up to the plate yet again: 

Thanks for listening! Hope to see you around the park soon!

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5 Responses to “Podcast: Phone a Friend”

  1. Lisa Wilder

    Would love to win tickets to take my grandson Kaleb, he hasn’t ever been. Need some of that Waterpark he would love it.