By Paula @ Holiday World

Today marks that curious time of the year when we hope to heaven no one shows up at the front gate tomorrow.

Despite social media posts, e-newsletters, and our Pick Your Price system not selling tickets for tomorrow (and other remaining weekdays in 2017, except for Labor Day Monday, of course), there’s always the chance we’ll see one of these in the parking lot tomorrow:

Griswolds' Car

This photo was actually taken in our parking lot a year or two ago. Happily, it was on a day we were open and nary a moose was harmed as a result. (If you didn’t catch the National Lampoon Vacation movie references, you might want to check out that 1983 gem.)

Meanwhile, we’re open for many weekends to come – including Splashin’ Safari. Our calendar outlines the dates and hours.

Hope to see you then!

Sorry, Folks

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5 Responses to “Now open weekends”

  1. Marlys

    I’m so sorry HW/SS is closed. My grandson’s school begins the day after Labor Day. He has a season pass that can only be used on Sunday. It’s ridiculous to start school in early August!


      I agree with you! Why are schools closing for summer before Memorial Day so they have to go back to school in early August? Why not wait till June and return after Labor Day? Summer weather really doesn’t start till middle of June.