By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s National Roller Coaster Day! To help celebrate, we’d like to tell you about a wonderful young fellow who visited us earlier in the season.

Logan’s dad contacted us back in the spring to explain how his son had created a club called “Koaster Kids” to help spread the word that fears can be overcome.
Koaster Kids - Group with Matt

Using the slogan “Be Brave and Ride On!” Logan started a YouTube Channel to show how he’s overcome fear and had a heck of a lot of fun doing so.

From the Koaster Kids website:

 The Goal of “Koaster Kids” is to help people face their fears and be courageous. We encourage people of all ages to to face their fears; whether it’s riding a 300 ft. tall roller coaster, or just sitting with the new kid at lunch. Courage comes in all shapes and sizes, but with courage comes a life of adventure and fun.

Letting fear take over can hold you back from doing so many things, and will keep you from living life to the fullest. Koaster Kids truly wants to help you with slowly breaking through the wall that is your comfort zone. 

Logan interviewed Matt for his video about the group’s Holiday World visit and then they took flight together on Thunderbird.

Koaster Kids on Thunderbird

And here is Logan’s video:

Three cheers to Logan and all his friends who’ve overcome fear and other obstacles in life. Be Brave and Ride On! today and every day!

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