By Paula @ Holiday World

The #PodSquad has the upcoming eclipse on the brain this episode:

We were delighted to be included in CBS News’s list of “scariest coasters” yesterday:


We fondly remember that day in August of 1995, when David Letterman wore our Santa hat and Glen Campbell sang a Christmas song:

Here’s the link to that Norwegian blog post, if you’d like to read the full review.

Our “name game” discussion revealed a true love for the name of one of our restaurants:


The David Weihe tweet (and gif):  

And our friends at The Coaster Crew deliver once again:


Also, here’s the photo from the 1984 article about the little girl in Lafayette who saved up her pennies to visit Holiday World:


Thanks for listening! We hope to see you this Saturday at Rock the World, with Skillet!

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4 Responses to “Podcast: The name game”

  1. Wayne

    “tow” was spelled/used correctly. To tow a boat is correct.

    Now Nickel they definitely spelled incorrectly.

  2. chris m hampton

    I’m Looking Foward To Going to Holiday Day World For My Birthday Weekend With My Friends I Love It It’s One Of My Favorite Places In The Whole Wide World In Santa Claus,Indiana I’m Going to Love It I’m Going to Have A Very Fun Birthday Weekend There Ever It Rocks and Holiday World Rocks Go Cowboys,Go Cardinals,Go Blues Go MAvericks.

  3. Kevin Vanosdol

    Pronounced “van – OZ – doll” shows a pic of the Herschell coaster that was at Santa Claus Land.

    Also, concerning all the Bacon… Indiana is the 5th largest pork producer in the USA. And that’s no bull! Here in Tipton County, we celebrate the Pork Festival each year, and I know Delphi has a Bacon Festival ( I’ve haven’t made it to the Bacon Fest, yet, but ( shows menu items such as:
    Maple Ice Cream with Bacon Crumb topping
    Bacon Pork Burgers
    Bacon Brats
    Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
    Sizzling Bacon Tacos
    Catfish Bacon Slider
    Maple Bacon Bourbon Bread Pudding
    Philly Cheese Bacon Sandwich
    Bacon Coney Slaw Dog
    Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Peppers
    Maple Bacon Long John
    Bacon Fried Ice Cream

    Also, shows that Indiana is the 4th largest producer of Peppermint, and 5th largest of Spearmint!

    Just as a note, it also shows Indiana as the 2nd largest producer of tomatoes for processing (Red Gold being the largest), and 2nd for Ice Cream Production! mmmmhhhh

    Look forward to seeing Holiday World again next year!