By Paula @ Holiday World

We started off this podcast episode with a throwback to last time’s 33 Degrees Challenge that involved a bank mascot by the name of Moola Moola.

He was around back in 1984 and he still exists!

Moola Moola

We hope you enjoy this episode!

Congratulations to our Henry Wilhite for winning a Hoosier Hospitality Award at the Indiana State Fair! Here’s his story.

For Pet Rock Day coming up on September 3, we talked about the Traveling Rock that was discovered here in the park, apparently left by someone from northeast Ohio.

Holidog holding a rock
In #HoWoPo Feedback, we fielded a question about some Santa Claus Land memorabilia:

    The Coaster Crew had fun with Tooth Fairy Day, and our park president’s admitted aversion …

And don’t miss the Holiday World rainbow made out of slinkies!


We hope to see you at the park during this upcoming Labor Day Weekend (save up to $14 on tickets here)! And remember, 2018 Season Passes go on sale Friday, September 1 (are you a Passholder? be sure and join our new Facebook Group!).

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One Response to “Podcast: Moola Moola”

  1. Liz Chastain

    I love all things Halloween! But if I have to choose one it would be visiting haunted houses!