By Paula @ Holiday World

I won’t ruin the surprise, but a promise made long ago (and repeatedly) was finally kept this morning …

The Golden Ticket Awards were held last weekend in Connecticut.

Leah was pleased as punch to accept the #1 Water Park Ride award (Wildebeest‘s eighth win in as many years).

Leah - Golden Ticket Award

^ Bonus points if you can identify the photo bomber!

Here’s the full group of winners – congratulations to all the parks!

Golden Ticket Winners

Matt told us about Blanche’s birthday visit.

Best wishes to Mick as he recovers (his podcast episode with us is still our most popular).


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For our Ancestor Appreciation Day discussion, Lauren honored two of her great-grandfathers (Santa Jim Yellig and Louis J. Koch), pictured below at Santa Claus Land with a future president:

Reagan, Santa, L.J. Koch

Here’s our cute little friend Kevin, no doubt unaware of his parents’ scheming ways:

Evana’s son is planning his career:

Here’s that breathtaking Thunderbird photo taken by Jon Green:

A great #ThrowBackThursday from DT:

And here’s proof of that lost tooth:

Zack checks out our Google Street View:

… and The Coaster Crew does it again:

(Brace yourself, Lauren – here it comes!)

As we end this post, here’s a reminder that both parks are open this Saturday and closed for a private event on Sunday. Then next Saturday (September 23), Happy Halloween Weekends begin!

Thanks for listening!

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