By Paula @ Holiday World

Do you ever get one of those tickles way back in your brain, where something seems familiar but you can’t quite figure out why?

Exhibit A:

Mascots during Halloween

This is a photo of our mascots in their Happy Halloween Weekends costumes.

Here’s the one face that has me befuddled:

Holidog's eyebrows

It’s cute little Holidog!

Take another look – does he remind you of someone?

After about three years, I finally figured it out – Holidog has eyebrows!

All season long, he wears a baseball cap, which covers his eyebrows.

Exhibit B:

Holidog selfie

Once I finally fixated on his eyebrows, the rest was pretty easy.

It’s Wilson!

You know, from House!



Call me crazy, but don’t you think they just might be brothers from another … litter?

Happy Halloween Weekends are a great way to enjoy some not-so-scary time with your family. We hope to see you this weekend!

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