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It’s always a treat when Leah joins us on podcast day:

We had fun recalling Lauren and Leah’s dad’s appearance on The Colbert Report 11 years ago.

Wow. I’d completely forgotten about how I was the only one not to receive an autographed photo … sigh.

Our webcam is back online, in case you need proof positive that we’ve drained the pools in Splashin’ Safari. It truly is closed for the season.

Here’s the photo of one of Rentz’s smell-o-makers from Holidog’s 3D Halloween Adventure (sans D battery):

smell maker machine

Don’t miss Lights Out! when you visit during Happy Halloween Weekends.

Lights Out! | Happy Halloween Weekends | Holiday World

Are you an ACE member? Here’s the link to online registration for their upcoming Quoth The Raven: Ride Some More! event. If you’re not a member, but are friends with one … be sure to talk them into taking you.

Matt shares “a day in the life” with his fellow CPAs; here’s the video:

Who’s the World’s #1 Female Cliff Diver? That would be our Dive show star, Cesilie Carlton:

Congratulations, Cesilie! (She was our guest on the podcast back in June. Neat lady!) Be sure to enter our sweepstakes, whether or not you’re a good guesser! Dear Frieda. We miss you so! Frieda Foertsch

Here’s that photo we shared with Duane at from our Santa Claus Land days:

Santa Claus Land Roller Coaster

If anyone remembers this coaster, please contact us! We have very little information about it. Lots of bacon talk this time around. Here’s the bacon costume Rentz needs for Halloween:  

  Congratulations to Mrs. Tempel’s fifth-grade class at Lincoln Trail:  

Always love Jon’s photos!

And the Coaster Crew is back with the Big Green Foot:

No jumping the shark (or plateauing)!

This episode’s “33 Degrees” game revolved around our brochure from 1984:

1984 Brochure outside

Thank you for listening! We hope to see you soon during Happy Halloween Weekends!

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