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In the fall, we answer lots of questions about Happy Halloween Weekends:

Are the water rides open?
We plan to have Raging Rapids and Frightful Falls open, since they’re located in Holiday World, weather permitting (if temps dip below 60 degrees, they’llprobably be closed, because … brrr!). Splashin’ Safari is closed for the season.

Family in Corn MazeDoes the corn maze cost extra?

Not a penny! All the mazes, hay rides, Trick or Treating for ages 12 and under, shows, and extra Halloween attractions are included in your admission. By the way, as always: parking, soft drinks and sunscreen are free, too!

Just how scary is this?
Happy Halloween Weekends provide a family-friendly, not-too-scary experience. There are three mazes, Holidog’s 3D Halloween Adventure, Mummy’s Treasure Maze, and Carnival Chaos (this third maze does have some “startles,” so if anyone in your party doesn’t like sudden surprises – or friendly clowns – you might want to avoid it). We also have a 12-acre corn maze – but don’t worry, we don’t hide scary creatures in the paths.

Trick or Treat TurtlesAre costumes permitted?
Yes, they are! In keeping with our G-rated park atmosphere, we do have a few rules for costume-wearers:

  • Family-friendly only, please – no blood, guts, gore, or revealing costumes
  • No masks and No weapons (real or fake)
  • When riding rides, you will need to remove any capes, hats, scarves, wigs, handheld props/accessories and anything else that might change the shape of your body or height

How deep are those discounts?
The best deals are online:

  • Tickets for Saturdays during Happy Halloween Weekends are $33.99 for General Admission and $25.99 for Guests-under-54″ and Seniors (60+)
  • If you visit on a Saturday and want to return the next day, stop by Ghost Relations for Next Day tickets, just $20 each
  • Tickets for Sundays during Happy Halloween Weekends are $29.99 for General Admission and $21.99 for Guests-under-54″ and Seniors (60+)

What else do I need to know?
Here are a few more tricks …

  • We open at 11am CDT during Happy Halloween Weekends
  • We’re part of the Teal Pumpkin Project and provide safe treats for children with food allergies
  • Don’t miss our popular Lights Out! show in the Hoosier Celebration Theater
  • Halloween magic is extra fun when there’s a magician on hand
  • Check out the Happy Halloween Weekends webpage for even more, including a link to our park map

We hope to see you and your little punkin’s soon at Happy Halloween Weekends!

Teal Pumpkins

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  1. David Van Sant

    Just a dad wanting to say thanks for being a part of the teal pumpkin project to try and help keep kids safe!!!
    Thank you to whomever made that decision it matters to many parents!!!