By Paula @ Holiday World

When our favorite magic man, Don Baggett, was moving in just before starting his annual fall shows in the park, he shared some news.

This will be his last season with us. And his final show ever as a magician will be here at Holiday World, on Sunday, October 29, at 4pm.

Magic Show

As much as we want to beg Don to stay, we just can’t. He’s making this change so that he can move to another state and spend more time with his family.

And so, we’ll say good-bye

Don with Rabbit in BoxRather than wait until the final hour to tell you, we’re letting the cat out of the bag (and the rabbit out of the hat … err, box) early, so you can be sure to catch one of his final shows and say good-bye.

Don’s history with magic – and us – intertwines.

As he told us for a blog post written back in 2014:

The very first magic show I ever saw as a child was at Santa Claus Land (now Holiday World). It featured Gene Smith and Happy Kellems. 

I remember sitting there watching the show several times that day, wanting to know and do the magic that was being performed for me. I also knew that someday I, too, wanted to perform on a stage at Holiday World. 

My love for magic and Holiday World have always gone hand in hand.

Don was just 10 years old back then. How many thousands of 10 year olds has he enchanted since then?

He tells some great stories on this podcast episode we recorded last year.

I remember the first time I saw Don perform. It was for my oldest son’s grade school (Thomas is now 33). The combination of amazing magic plus Don’s ability to delight children and adults alike was enough to send me scurrying into Will’s office the next morning. “Will, if we ever want to add a magic show to our lineup, I think Don Baggett is our guy.” And indeed he was.

We wish Don only the best as he heads into magic retirement

… and I know he’d want us to pass along his thanks to the thousands and thousands of fans who have laughed, clapped, cheered, and wondered, “How’d he do that?!” over the years.

Special thanks, also, to those courageous audience members who ventured up onto the stage to take part in the fun with Don and Dakota.

Especially this young fellow …

Thank you, Don. We will forever cherish the magical memories you’ve made with us.


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2 Responses to “A special kind of magic”

  1. Tim cain

    Thanks for all the great shows nice to seen the last show I was there oct 1 safe travels don

  2. Becky Deener

    Thanks to Holiday World for allowing Don to perform and entertain us. I have taken my daughter (who is now an adult) to Don’s shows all over the tri-state area for many years. I have escorted girl scout troops and church youth groups to various locations just so we could see a performance by Don Baggett. Thank you to Don for giving so many such enjoyment and excitement over the years. Sad to see it come to an end, but best wishes are extended to Don at his new location. Enjoy spending time with your family and remember you have delighted our families for years. Thank you.